I want you to make it in America!
Too many of our residents have been left behind. 
Our rights are under attack by MAGA-extreme Republicans.
It's time for a change. It's time to make our lives safer and more secure.
It's time to make our government work for YOU.
It's time for Steven Holden.
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Inflation and the Economy
Corporations are raking in trillions in record profits including the largest consumer goods companies in the world. Supply chain issues continue and the war in Ukraine also contribute to higher prices at the pump and in the store. The Inflation Reduction Act was a major step forward and I will support initiatives that will hold costs down. 

High Speed Internet
Every household in NY-24, The Lake District, deserves access to affordable, high-speed internet. It's the backbone of business and life for processing orders; making Zoom calls; taking online classes; crunching numbers; streaming entertainment. We need it everywhere.
We need it now. 

Rural Development
I will protect rural communities; bring capital and good jobs to the region; support local farms; distribute federal funds to local governments and more, using a keen eye focused on NY-24. 

Women's Rights
Like the majority of Americans, I support a woman's right to choose what happens to her own body and her own life. I will fight for wage equity and help to break glass ceilings. 

Affordable Healthcare
It's time for America to join the industrialized world and provide free and affordable health insurance to all its citizens. Our costs will go down; our healthcare will improve; you will be secure knowing that you won't lose your house over a hospital bill. 

For too long New Yorkers in NY-24 suffer with crumbling roads and bridges, and families are unable to find affordable childcare. I will bring much-needed federal funds for these hard- and soft-infrastructure expenditures. 

Our veterans and their families sacrificed themselves in service to our country. It's time they get the honor and respect they deserve, including excellent healthcare as well as senior care, in top facilities that are close to their homes. 

Our farmers, wine-growers, and others need a solid and stable immigrant labor force to keep their products moving to market.

I embrace the melting pot: most of our families came from somewhere else, and America is the better for it. I want to provide a safe harbor for immigrants. 
It's the right thing to do.
Gun Reform
No one is coming for your gun. And I wholeheartedly support the Second Amendment. But we need to be smart about who has access, how deadly these weapons are, and how they are bought and sold. We need to keep children safe; it's a matter of life and death.

Ethics Reform
New Yorkers in The Lake District experience their unfair share of Congressmen and others who are indicted, arrested, and serve prison time for their crimes. Sometimes those crimes are even committed on the White House lawn. I support limited access to stock trades and hold a higher standard of accountability for myself and my family.

From Lake Ontario to the Finger Lakes, water is the lifeblood of our district for farms, forests, and fishing. Landfills need to be safe, with oversight. I will fight to keep our lands and lakes safe and clean. 

Community Empowerment
We will build local and hire local to keep financial investment and jobs in our communities. I will protect local banks, farms, and mom-and-pops from being overrun by multi-national corporations. 

Labor and Wage Reform
Corporations and Wall Street move money to the top and keep it there, but it's workers who provide the fuel that runs our economic engine. Without you, our country would collapse. I want a living wage for all Americans; I want unions to be solid and strong; I want working conditions that are safe. I want oversight and for executives to be held accountable. 

Human Rights
All humans are born with the fundamental right to peace, safety, dignity, and prosperity. We need to strengthen laws that protect those rights. Children won't go to bed hungry; our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters won't live in fear. We are the same, we are all humans, and we need to care about each other.